Monday, April 7, 2008

Domaine Les Pallieres Gigondas 2003

I have tasted the 2004 Les Pallieres before and appreciated its earthy but concentrated flavours. I recently had the opportunity to pick up the 2003 for only $23 a bottle (the 2004 goes for $40 now) and so I jumped at the chance to pick a few up.

The 2003 is similar to the 04, but has more concentration and heat on the finish. It is also less of a fruit bomb, and has a little less poise than the 04. Flavours of dried cherry, licorice, kirsch, and a hint of earthiness. This has a big nose and a smooth palate, despite having a bit of heat (no doubt a result of the super hot 2003 vintage). I like this a lot, but the 2004 is, in my opinion, a superior wine and will cellar for a longer time. This is great for drinking over the short-mid term.

Very Good+
$23 (marked down from $35) at Marquis

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