Saturday, March 28, 2009

Orin Swift Veladora Sauvignon Blanc Tofanelli Vineyard 2005

So I am just back from Spring Break with a huge pile of notes to write up from Napa, the Rhone Rangers tasting, and a trip to Santa Barbara County. But, before all that excitement begins, I thought I'd write up this under the radar David Phinny wine (winemaker for the Prisoner) produced to support the farmers that Phinny relies on to make his amazing wines.

This Suav Blanc was very dark yellow and had a thick nose of toast, oak, white chocolate and caramel. The palate was very rich, replete with orchard fruits such as papaya and apples (more like apple pie). Full, rich, and round, this is a massive sauv blanc that is made almost like a chard (maybe some malo-lactic here). Yet, there is a distinct flavour profile here and it is hard to deny how awesome this is for the money.

Very Good+
$25 at Liquid Wine and Spirits


J. Song said...

Hmm--I've heard about this elusive Orin Swift wine and have been meaning to try try it. I don't think I've come across it yet in DC--though every store, of course, has the Prisoner.

Have you heard of Phinney's new wine "Saldo", which is a straight zin? I'm waiting to try it when I come back to SoCal in May!

Joon S.

Shea said...

Yes I have - indeed I've even tried it at the ZAP festival. It's very good. He is also making a 100% petite sirah that goes by the name Calaban. I have a bottle waiting to be consumed at the right moment.