Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jordan Russian River Chardonnay 2006

This bottle of chardonnay was one of those niggling itches of a wine: one that I had seen sitting around at the wine store back in Vancouver for a long time, always with a touch of curiosity about its contents - not least because a wine critic I greatly respect - Hugh Johnson - seems to think Jordan is up to something good. I think Jordan is essentially a widely available 'high-end' winery favoured very much by restaurants. In any case, the bottle is about $65 in Canada and only $35 down here, so I figured this was my opportunity.

Definitely all California on the nose, with predominant citrus and spice characteristics. Does not smell oaky, though, which is a good thing. Tart on the palate - somewhat steely - and clearly California, but in a restrained spicy citrus style. Very fresh and pleasant, but in the end lacking complexity for the price point. Also, something seems unbalanced about the flavour profile, which had a tinge of metalic weirdness to it. Final analysis: distinctly mediocre at this price point.

Very Good
$35 at K&L


Bill Tieleman said...

Hi Shea - just discovered your blog - a welcome addition from another Vancouver wine fan like myself!

You are dead right on the Jordan - a high priced wine that does not deliver what it should for the $50 BC retail price, unfortunately.

I picked it up at the BC Liquor Board discounted a fair bit but even then I couldn't get excited about it.

As you say, it's pleasant enough but Jordan better do more with the 2007 if they expect customers to pony up even $35 US.


Bill Tieleman

Shea said...

Thanks for reading! Ya, there are just so many better chards out there fore less - e.g. try the Mer Soleil gold ($45 CDN) or silver ($36 CDN) for some pretty fantastic California flavour.