Sunday, June 14, 2009

Valsacro Dioro Seleccion Rioja 2001

Beer tends to predominate in my drinking patterns during hot weather, of which Vancouver has had plenty in the past few weeks. With a brief chilly evening, however, I took the opportunity to open a nice modern styled Rioja from a great vintage.

At 14% ABV this had a slightly hot but very complex nose with char, cocao, roasted nuts, cassis, black cherry and sage. I love when the aromas of a wine are as deep and layered as in this wonderful tempranillo - it provides the mind with limitless whimsy and makes drinking an end in itself rather than a means to one.

The palate was woody and had excellent tertiary flavours of chalk, stone and tar. Even with a little heat, the richness of the caramel and vanilla elements was greatly tempered by the much more dominant minerality. In the end, this is an herbal, stone-like savory wine that is far drier than the fruity nose suggests. While finishing with a little heat, I also appreciated the great balance of fruit, wood, dust and stone.

$? (I believe in the $50-$70 range) at BCLDB


alan @ MutineerMag said...

Yes! Guestimating the price is where it's at. That looks like a big bottle of wine. I hear ya on red wine during the summer makes more sense.

Shea said...

Thanks for the comments. Ha: sometimes one simply forgets the price - a sign of too much wine! The appearance of size must be something about the photo since it was a normal weight 750ml bottle.