Saturday, October 18, 2008

Doyenne Syrah 2004

Doyenne is the Rhone-style wine project of Washington's famed Delille Cellars. My several samplings of Washington syrahs have convinced me of this grape's viability in that state, and I think there is great potential for its future development.

The nose was extremely rich and fruity with cherry cola and game aromas. The palate was a big punch of fruit, cassis and chocolate, with a very long back end. On its own, this was good but not fantastic and I think needs a little more work (or perhaps a better vintage). However, when paired with braised lamb this was a beauty - the lamb bringing out an intense mocha flavour and complimenting the richness of the wine very nicely.

Very Good+ (on its own)

Excellent (with braised lamb)

$55 USD ($80 CDN) purchased in Seattle


Joe said...

I'm a huge fan of Syrah (or CDP) with lamb, the pairing is really perfect. Actually use that for gamey dishes as well.

Shea said...

Yes, Syrah and Lamb (especially Braised) is a perfect match.