Friday, September 12, 2008

Grande Cuvée du Chateau Cabezac 'Belvize' 2003

First off, 2003 was not a good year for Minervois, where this wine was made. It was overly hot, which tended to bring alcohol levels way up (the Cabezac sat at a stunning 15% ABV), and this tended to bring baked character to the fruit.

This paricular Minervois was reddish brown and had a nose of plum and dark berry. The palate expanded to include roasted nuts, chocolate and gameyness. The wine was definitely a bit too alcoholic and lacked refinement. However, despite its not having a super elegent structure, it did have a core of intense well extracted flavour that wasn't artificial. So, even with all its faults I enjoyed this wine and would be willing to give it another try in a better year.

Very Good
$35 on sale (normally $55)

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