Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Felsina Fontalloro 2000

I thought I'd make Monday a little more exciting than usual by opening a bottle of this, one of Tuscany's most respected sangiovese -based IGTs. Felsina is a classic chianti producer who knows how to turn sangiovese grapes into wine that greatly exceeds the norm in quality.

This was dark rudy brown in the glass and had a nose of black currants, cassis and cedar. The palate was tart but well balanced and very nuanced. I detected leather, spice, dried prunes, currants and sweet blackberry fruit. This also had a very long finish with very fine and integrated tannins. So, even though this oxydized fairly quickly after I opened the bottle (probably 2-3 hours), this was a beautifully structured and elegant sangiovese - one of the nicest I've tasted.

$70 at BCLDB

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