Sunday, August 3, 2008

Vina Chocalan Cabernet Franc Reserve 2005

Another Chilean wine, this time from the Maipo valley. Far less refined than the Polkura, this also came in at about half the price. The 14% alcohol left a bit of heat, but luckily the wine also left me with funky coffee flavours, with savory game-like characters. Perhaps slightly oaky, but this added well to the finish and body on a wine that might otherwise have been too acidic. Very Good Value.

Very Good
$18 at Marquis


domestic foul said...

Oh, I love this wine! Of course I was first attracted to it because it looks like a bottle of chocolate... but it's definitely more than just aesthetically tasty:)

Shea said...

It does have good packaging :). Luckily there is substance behind it!